About Malibu Urgent Care

More Affordable
Malibu Urgent Care is a more affordable alternative to an ER visit
Less Time
Why waste time driving to the ER and waiting in the waiting room when quality care is right in your backyard
Quality Care
Malibu Urgent Care is staffed by Emergency Physicians with on-site imaging, laboratory and pharmacy services

Malibu Urgent Care vs ER

Malibu Urgent Care is staffed by Board Certified Emergency Physicians but there are some key differences between the care available at our clinic and in an ER. We are capable and equipped to care for a very broad range of medical problems and injuries, but do not have all of the diagnostic tools and resources that an ER might offer.  If you’re unsure of where to go, call us! We’d be happy to help you make a decision that best suits your medical needs. If an ER visit is deemed necessary following your visit, we will call ahead and make all the necessary arrangements

Malibu Urgent Care
Emergency Room
Non life-threatening
Travel time from Malibu
In town
30-45 min, based on location and traffic
Wait time
Typically 10 minutes
Can be several hours
First come, walk-in basis
Triage based on acuity
Affordable; lower copay
Expensive - separate billing for facility, physician, imaging and labs
Overnight stay
Follow up provided?
Yes - we call back every patient!
On-site imaging
On-site lab
Open daily 9A-7P year-round, with extended summer hours
24/7 year-round
Patient care
Friendly and personalized
Often hurried and perfunctory due to high acuity and volume

Our Doctors

Dr. Dan Katz

Emergency Medicine

Dr Dan Katz graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California San Diego in 1996, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Bioengineering. He went on to study medicine at UCSD, and completed his Emergency Medicine residency training at UCLA. Dr Katz attained a Diploma from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and has worked overseas in Europe, Asia and Africa. Following his residency training, he joined the Department of Emergency Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, caring for patients for over a decade, and most recently served as Medical Director of Academic Affairs and oversaw resident training. A Board-Certified Emergency Physician since 2005, Dr Katz is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA, lecturing nationally in the field of Emergency Medicine, and co-authored and co-edited multiple journal articles, text and book chapters. Additionally, Dr. Katz served as a VP of SonoSim, an ultrasound education and technology company, and now frequently employs bedside ultrasound as a diagnostic tool to facilitate his examination and care of patients at the Urgent Care.

Dr. Lauren Pike

Emergency Medicine

You could say that Malibu Urgent Care is in Dr. Lauren Pike’s DNA.  Growing up at the clinic, she worked for many years as a care coordinator and medical assistant.  Now a Board-Certified Emergency Physician, Dr. Pike continues the tradition of top-notch, cutting-edge medical care established by her mother and clinic founder, Dr. Jill Furgurson. A native of Los Angeles, Dr. Pike traveled an educational path from USC to Chicago Medical School, culminating with an Emergency Medicine Residency at the Stanford University Hospitals.  While at Stanford, she also pursued advanced training in disaster medicine and bedside ultrasound.  In 2017, she returned to serve the Malibu community at the same location that inspired her to go into medicine. She is thrilled to provide state-of-the-art emergency medical care with a personal touch. Her guiding principle is to treat patients like family with care, compassion, and close follow-up.  When not on duty, Dr. Pike enjoys spending time with her husband and young children.  Her passions include snow skiing, scuba diving and hiking in the Santa Monica mountains.

Support Malibu Urgent Care

If you would like to help the Malibu Urgent Care extend hours and purchase needed medical equipment, please visit the Friends of Malibu Urgent Care to donate.