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      9 am to 8 pm (July, Aug, Sept)

      9 am to 7 pm (Non-Summer)

ACCEPTED Insurance:  

Range of Treatments: 

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Phone: (310) 456-7551 


Cruches, Cane, Walker

Digital Xray


​Gynecological Procedures

IV Hydration

Laboratory Blood and Urine

Orthopedic Consultation

Physical Exams


Suturing/ Laceration Repair

TB Tests 

And More


Allergic Reactions

Burns & Rashes

B12 Injections

Cough, Cold & Flu


Insect Bites

Medication Refill

Minor Trauma

Office Gynecology

Physical Therapy

Sports Injuries

Sprains, Strains, and Fractures

STD Screening 

Urinary Tract Infection

​Wart Removal

Wound Care​​

And More

Blue Cross - PPO & EPO
Blue Shield - Employer Plans Only  (We do not take Blue Shield Covered California)

Cigna - Aftra plans only
Directors Guild
Medicare - Part A & B or Part B Only;           No Medicare

Motion Picture
Screen Actors Guild
Writers Guild
Workers Comp

Upon Patient's Request, the Clinic may courtesy bill Non-Contracted PPO and EPO Plans. These plans are for out of network Reimbursement (We are unable to bill HMO, International Insurance, Auto Insurance and Homeowner's Insurance Plans)  

For further questions about insurance, please call: (310) 456-7551